Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet Wheat Broth

When talking about Malaysian sweet desserts, it reminds me of the colourful of 'kuih' or cakes and sweet broths or 'bubur' which are invariably cooked with coconut milk and sometimes be sweetened with palm sugar. The best 'kuih' that can be found on the street in Malaysia can be Nonya, Malay, Chinese or Indian origins and these include kuih talam, kuih bengka, pulut inti and savoury kuih.

Regardless of its origin, we Malaysian ate 'kuih' almost everyday, during breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. The above picture shows sweet wheat broth or 'bubur gandum'. This dish is popular in the month of Ramadhan but now, it can be easily bought from any street vendor (food stall).

This dessert can be eaten cold or warm and either plain or with a scoop of glutinous rice on top. Just perfect! This reminds me of the mamak stall which sell this 'bubur' for generations. This type of 'bubur' can also be made with grean beans, red beans and black glutinous rice.



blogresipi said...

Looks yummy..haven't been eating this for long :)

ain said...

Emm mmemang sedap, Kami pun dah lama tak makan ni. Sebab tu bila balik Malaysia baru ni terus cari biji gandum tu bawak balik sini, nak buat bubur ni. ^_^