Monday, August 4, 2008

Paratha Puff and Spiral Curry Puffs

Marhaban... Keif haluki... Ana, alhamdulillah bi khair... Haha... I think you must be wondering what am I talking.. I'm just practicing myself a few arabic words that I learned yesterday in the Arabic Language Class. The class was really interesting and quite fun..hehehe.. There were about 15 students in the class including me and my hubby. The students are from Irrelanda, Bolanda, Britanya, Bakistan and Malizya.

Last weekend, we learned how to introduce ourself to other people whom we first met or how to start a conversation in arabic. Like;

Ahlan, ana essmi (Your Name). Ana min Malizya. Ana Maliziya. Ana mish min Irrelanda. Wenti?
Hello, I am (Your Name). I am from Malaysia. I am Malaysian. I am not from Ireland. And you (Female)?

Anyway, yesterday, we learned how to give directions to people. Like;
El Matt'am fil el massjid.
The restaurant is inside the mosque.

It looks quite simple and easy but to memorize those vocabs and the adjectives words were a bit difficult to me.. how about you?

Oki doki, I think enough with my arabic story... Lets go with today recipe. Before that, just to let you know, when we went to Kak Jah's house on last Sunday to help her family moving their things, she gave me this curry puff filling that she made.. hoho.. I was so excited and she asked me to make spiral curry puff and to show her the steps in the blog... I was dumbfounded because I really didn't know how to made the spiral curry puff. I have to say that curry puff is not my mojo.

Since the filling was so good, I decided to give it a go. The spiral was not really 'menjadik'.. (I think the dough was a bit dry) but, the texture was ok for first timer.

So kak Manieza (Kak Jah), I hope you like the photos and recipes.. and would like to try it again without hesitates. The Spiral Curry Puff recipe was from Rinnchan's fp. Thanks kak Rin.

Sorry... the photos were a bit under exposed.
  1. The oily dough and the margarine dough.
  2. Divides all dough into same size, make sure the oily dough is bigger than the margarine dough.
  3. Put the margarine dough into the flat oily dough and close it tightly.
  4. The dough (the oily outside and the margarine inside)
  5. Flatten the dough, and roll like swiss roll.
  6. The swiss roll dough.
  7. Flatten lengthwise.
  8. Roll like swiss roll again.
  9. Slice the swiss roll dough about 1 cm (or half inch) thick.
  10. Flatten the sliced swiss roll dough thinly until it lift up a bit at the center (pouch).
  11. Lift up and put on your palm, the center part will protruding downwards and put the fillings into the pouch area. Seam the ends. You should see the spiral lines.
  12. Deep fry till golden.
For the leftover filling, I made the Paratha puff. The recipe was from Mama Fami's fp. Thanks Mama. I always made this Paratha Puff, because it was really easy and fast to cook. To make a really good puff, the Kawan brand Instant Paratha is the best. For me, I used what I have in my freezer. Just click the links for the recipe. Ok guys, maas salamah, fi aman lillah.


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Argus Lou said...

Wow. Thanks for this. Looks good! One day, I'll try making the spiral pastry. ^_^