Monday, April 21, 2008

Roti Canai

Mamak, Rooooti Canai satu!.. Kuah.. taruh atas!...

Teringat suasana pagi di kedai Nasi Kandar & Roti Canai Kampung Melayu, Air Itam, Penang beberapa tahun yang lepas... Kini, yang tinggal hanyalah kenangan-kenangan manis dan indah semasa menetap di situ. Anyway, banyak betul cerita pasal roti canai ni, masa kecik2 dulu, yang ada cuma roti canai, bila meningkat remaja, dah ada roti bom... hehehe... lepastu ada pula roti pisang, roti sardin, roti tisu (yang famous dalam movie mami tanjung tu..) dan macam2 lagilah, dipendekkan cerita.. semuanya sedap2 belaka..hahaha... dari sebiji 40 sen sekarang dah sebiji seringgit... lepastu dulu saiznya besar sekarang dah makin kecik...huhuhu...
By the way, found this recipe from kak jo's blog... memandangkan dah buat dalcha so apalagi mencubalah kita dan inilah hasilnya... thanks kak jo for the recipe, tak rugi cuba, my hubby suka sangat... For you out there who want to try, here is the ingredients for the recipe...

Ingredients ( 12 Roti Canai )

  • 550 gm Bread Flour
  • *250 gm water
  • *1 egg-50g
  • *3 Tbsp (60gm) condensed milk
  • *1 tsp (6gm) salt
  • *1 tsp (15gm) butter/margerin - i used Stork margerine
  • 1-2 Tbsp Bread flour (to be add if the dough is still soft when kneading)

Steps to make the Roti Canai

I used my bread machine to do the kneaded processed. Alhamdulillah it turns out all right. After the timer for dough setting was off, shaped the dough into 12 balls.. make sure your palm is lightly oiled. Put all the balls into a tupperware and covered with margarine before leave it to rest for more than 3 hours. Mine, I just left it in the fridge for over night... (It can be left in the fridge for up to 2 days)... Then after taken out from the fridge, leave it a while in a room temperature, and then on a lightly oiled surface, take a ball and flatten it into a palm size and leave it for 10 minutes. Repeat with the remaining balls. Take one of the flatten dough, spread the dough (tebar/kibar) into a big and thin layered. Then, fold it into a round shape, like in the second photos. Repeat with the others flatten dough. Meanwhile, heat a pan and put a little oil. Flatten the rolled round shape dough to a big round flat roti canai and put on the heated pan. Cook until lightly brown and turned on the other side. Put more oil if needed. I make a few of the dough into roti bom and others into roti canai.

For Roti Bom: just sprinkled some sugar and margarines on top the thin layered (after 'tebar'), then just fold from both ends to the centre. No need to flat it before cook.

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