Friday, July 11, 2008

Mexican Tuna Salad Baked Sandwich

Yesterday, there was half a loaf of bread that was waiting to be eaten by us, or in a few days, it will be given to the swans or just expired and let the Rhizophorus and the micellia grown heavenly.... so I thought I better do something with it..when browsing Rinnchan's fp, I came across this recipe... emmm.. it look nice, and easy to make too.

I started the project while my hubby was out walking.. I didn't join him this time, just lazy to go out.. it'd been drizzling the whole days... I took out my tart tins, brushed with some butter and arranged them on a baking tray. Next, I rolled each slice of white bread thinly and placed them on the tart tin, pressed them gently like you make tart, then I just pressed a bit with my hand to cut out/trim the excess bread and there were ready.

I brushed a bit of butter on the breads before baking them in the oven 170C about 7-10 minutes until a bit brown. Take out the bread from the tart tins and arranged them on the baking tray. Next, spoon the fillings and sprinkled with cheese (I used cheddar) on top of the fillings and back into the oven, this time just to let the cheese melt. Off the oven and let it cool a bit and it's ready for your snack.

For the filling, I used the canned Tuna Salad (Mexican) - tuna, kidney beans, onion, sweet pepper, chili and garlic - that we bought from Lidl. I mixed the tuna salad with some mayonnaise, bbq sauce, tomato ketchup, bit of salt and pepper.

We love it so much.. I don't know whether this recipe is really delicious or maybe the filling was really fantastic, or the combination was really good... the bread was so crispy with the lovely filling and cheese... emm..yummy. Anyhow it really make our stomach fulled that evening and we didn't take our usual dinner!!

Next time we are not going to use the tart tin. Just flatten the bread then into the oven then filling and topping (cheese and herbs) and oven again.. just like crispy pizza...emmm...



kin hashim said...

wa..macam senang jek buat nih..menarik gak ni yer! basenya cuma plain white bread!

ain said...

white bread..brown bread...granary bread...semua boleh try...cubalah.