Saturday, June 14, 2008

Makan-makan di YoSushi, Dundrum, Dublin.

Alhamdulillah. My husband finished his MSc and submitted his thesis a few days ago. Thank you Allah... and everyone for the doa'. Just by chance we came across YoSushi in Dundrum Shopping Centre. I've been there with my friend Dr Juhaida last month, but we just brought the sushi home (take away). This time, I asked my hubby to go there... I know he likes sushi very much...

The single picture at the top shows plates of sushi on conveyor belt. The price for the sushi depends on the color of the plates (color coded u...). In the second frame, from the top right is the Takoyaki which is my favorite (crunchy fried octopus balls with fruity katsu sos, Japanese mayonese, red ginger and dried tuna flakes). The top left is Eel (BBQ'd and glazed freshwater eel) on top of sushi rice. Bottom right is raw salmon pieces marinated in lemon and dill with cucumber. The bottom left is Eel Dragon Roll (fresh crab, avocado, shichimi powder (Japanese chili) and BBQ'd eel topping). This is also nice.

Even though we only had these, we felt full. No wonder the Japanese are healthier. Small amount of their foods is enough to make them satiated (kenyang).

I was so impressed with the sushi that motivate me to make sushi (Malaysia style) at home- a lot cheaper. Will keep you posted with any success. InsyaAllah. Enjoy the photos.

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