Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keropok / Kerpok Lekor Salmon

This was yesterday's project and for your knowledge this was my first attempt in making keropok/kerpok lekor.. Have been searching the recipe for months. So, here is how I make my Salmon keropok lekor. If you try this recipe please send me feedback.

Ingredients (make 6-8 sticks):

418 g canned pink salmon
200g tapioca flour (Sago flour is better)
Maggie ikan bilis /chicken stock
2-3 melting ice cubes (or cool water)

  1. Drained the water from the canned salmon, then put the flesh into the mixing bowl.
  2. Mashed the salmon with some salt, ikan bilis stock and the icu cubes.
  3. Pour half of the flour and knead.
  4. Pour a bit of cool water and adds small amount of flour at a time, knead again and repeat until form a dough. (you can test the texture and the taste by microwave a bit of dough)
  5. Shaped into 6-8 sticks.
  6. Put all the sticks in boiling water. Boil it until they float.
  7. Gently, lift the stick one at a time.
  8. Cover the sticks with some oil.
  9. Let it cool before you sliced it.
  10. Deep fry it.
  11. You can freeze it after step 9 if you want.
  1. Use more salt because the sticks will be boiled.
  2. Use more flour if you like the kerpok to be elastic but not too much (it will make the kerpok harder) . Adds small amount of flour at a time.
  3. Test the elasticity and the taste by microwaving a bit of the dough.
  4. You can add turmeric / smoked paprika if you like to reduce the strong salmon flavor.


Anonymous said...

this has taken kerpok lekor to a whole new level. can i order some? my wife is ummuhyanz.

Ainulyusri said...

Will bring some samples over, insyaAllah.