Friday, April 18, 2008

Soya Milk

The Soya Beans

I found a packet of soya beans a few days ago... from my food storage @ 'gerobok' haha... wondered how long have it been there.. anyway alhamdulillah it's not expired yet.. and finally I decided to make my homemade soya milk with help of a 'cotton sieve' (penapis teh kain)... alhamdulillah we like it very much... it turns out to be so nice... lemak berkrim..kihkih.. my hubby said masuk bakul angkat sendiri ye.. :-) i took it as a compliment..hehe..

The Skinless Soya Beans

This was how I made my soya milk:
  1. Put 1 cup of soya beans in a bowl with plenty of water. Leave it there for overnight. (Rendam semalaman)
  2. After overnight you can see the beans turgid (kembang) and you can easily pull out the skin. This may took some times.
  3. Take the skinless beans and put in the blender. Blend some of the skinless beans with some water. Repeat with the remaining beans until finish. Add more water if possible.
  4. Sieved the milk into the pot.
  5. Cook the soya milk with a pandan leaves and add in some sugar.
  6. Cook until sugar dissolved and boil. Off the heat.
  7. Nice to drink either hot or cool with some ice cubes.

emm.. Yummy

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