Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kuih Keria & Pisang Goreng Berbijan

Kuih Keria without sugar coating

Kuih keria with sugar coating & Pisang Goreng Berbijan

This was what we had last night... after so long the sweet potatoes waited to be cook... so i managed to do this kuih keria.. unfortunately, the coated sugar was caramelized, because i was busy doing something else.. so i didn't manage to coat all the kuih keria.. btw, i put a little sugar when i boil the sweet potatoes so the taste is lovely even without the coated sugar... hehehe.. (nak cover malu sebenarnya sbb gula tak jadi..kuakuakua..)

This is how i make my kuih keria:

First, boil 2/3 sweet potatoes
(yellow one) until tender (i put a bit of salt and sugar), then toss and mashed it using fork... leave it to cool.... after that, sprinkle some flour (i used bread flour) and used a fork to combine the flour and the potatoes together... until it's not sticky any more and form a dough... then use your hand to make balls and press a bit then make a hole at the centre (like a doughnut) may be you have to sprinkle a bit of flour on your hand just to make it easy for shaping it.. then put the kuih on a tray that have been grease with some oil... after finished shaping the kuih.. deep fry it until golden brown.

For sugar coating:
Cook 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar in a pot/frying pan until bubbly and white
(don't over cook it, it will caramelized and it will not form white sugar but it will form sticky and crystallized sugar! like what i did in the picture..huhuhu) and next put all the fried kuih keria into the pot/frying pan and stir until the white sugar formed... Then, off the heat and continue to stir and try to coat all the kuih evenly.. Don't leave it too long, take it out from the pan and serve. So, my friends out there, why not give it a try!

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